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Car parts & accessories | 17.02.2014 - 16:56

Tips to Maintain ATV Boots and CV Joints of Your Heavy Duty Motor

The CV joints and ATV boots are probably the weakest parts of your heavy duty motor. The debris, dirt and moisture collect often around these parts. This stops these joints from working eventually if the vehicle is not serviced regularly.

 You can repair the parts yourself, but it can be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain your ATV properly before it needs a full-fledged repair. Here are some useful tips that can help you keep the ATV boots and CV joints in shape:

1. Give the ATV Boots a Frequent Check up

A regular check on your ATV keeps away debris and dirt. Also, since you check your ATV boots and CV joints frequently, there is less dirt, which is easier to clean as compared to when there is a lot of dirt that becomes hard overtime and doesn’t come off easily. In addition, frequently checking your ATV allows you to see for potential problems or parts that need repair or maintenance overtime.

2. Clean it regularly

It is highly recommended to clean your motor frequently, preferably after every drive. However, it is essential to clean it every other week to keep moisture and dirt from collecting in it. If too much dirt or moisture collects in it, it can be harmful for your ATV.

3. Prevent Deterioration

The CV joints deteriorate faster than other parts and that’s why need frequent maintenance. Taking care of the ATV boots and CV joints can save you from spending a fortune on repairs. Another important thing is to take care of friction; friction is a sign of potential danger. Make sure you oil these parts well to prevent friction and get a smooth drive.

4. Maintenance Kits

Make sure you have a stock of different maintenance kits such as boot kits, CV joints kit and other essentials to ascertain that your vehicle gets the right care and maintenance. These kits come with user manuals, so you can easily DIY, but in case you feel you can’t, get in touch with a mechanic.

5. Drive Smoothly

The most important tip after frequent cleaning is to make sure you don’t roughly use the vehicle. Avoid harsh driving to prolong the performance and good condition of your vehicle. Drive it smoothly through terrains and rough patches but don’t give the wheels a rough time by rough driving. Rough driving can cause nuts and bolts to loosen up and cause friction which is dangerous.

Maintain your heavy duty vehicle well to ensure you enjoy driving it. Also, a well maintained ATV can win you many races, so don’t treat it poorly.

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