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Car parts & accessories | 11.02.2014 - 14:42

How To Choose A Great Mechanic

You can't do anything in life without a car, but what happens when the hood starts smoking or strange noises come from the engine?

How can you find a good mechanic in a sea of self-professed automobile experts? Here are a few tips for finding the right professional and getting your car back in tip-top shape.


Ask For Referrals

Your friends and family should have plenty of stories about their dealings with various auto mechanics. While some may not be pleasant, even those can serve as a warning as to which garages you shouldn't visit.


Compare and Contrast

Never arbitrarily decide on a mechanic just because you like his shop or his personality. You could be missing out on serious deals, sales and other cost-saving exercises elsewhere, especially if you didn't bother to shop around before coming to a decision. Always make a shortlist for comparison purposes before you commit to any one individual.


Look At Their Warranties

What kind of promises can they make about fixing your vehicle? Will they have it finished within a specific time frame? Will they give you a lower price if they don't? Ask about damage as well, the kind done unintentionally by people around in delicate systems. If they ruin a perfectly functional piece of your car, will their insurance cover the repair costs, or will that burden be on you?


Know What They Outsource

Most mechanics don't do 100 percent of car repairs themselves. They might let their trainees tackle the spark plugs and oil changes; they might order supplies from third-party retailers. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, if they're ordering auto parts from somewhere like www.ramysgarage.com, you'll be getting high quality equipment that most mom-and-pop garages just can't provide. Their outsourcing here would actually be a benefit to you.


Check For Complaints

When you think you've found a good mechanic, make sure his history actually backs up his pleasantries. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) keeps an online log of consumer complaints made against major auto shops; if your chosen mechanic is on there, you'll know to steer clear. You can also check third-party rating sites like Yelp.com or Google Reviews.

These are just a few ways you might go about finding the ideal person to work under your hood. Your car is one of your most precious commodities, so don't cut corners when it comes to service.

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