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Tuning & styling | 10.02.2014 - 21:54

The BMW M235i Green Hell Edition with COR Wheels, Racing Upgrades, and More

The BMW M235i has been taken to a new level and is designed specifically for the race track with the new Green Hell Edition upgrade program with new lightweight forged COR Wheels, suspension packages, interior safety modifications, and more.

BMW has been known for creating superb driver’s cars that are more than capable of handling themselves on the race track as well as in daily driving duties. This characteristic has been a hallmark of BMW models and has made them quite popular not just among automotive enthusiasts but the entire driving population. One of the most notable driver’s cars that BMW made was the original E30-generation BMW M3 that brought DTM racing technology and motorsports know how packed into a road going model that the regular populace could buy. Now, with cars getting bigger in size, the closest thing to the original E30 M3 is the new BMW M235i. While it’s not a true M car, one German aftermarket tuning company decided to create a full tuning program that includes lightweight forged COR Wheels, race car interior upgrades, safety modifications, chassis and aerodynamic tuning, and even engine upgrades to ensure it was more than capable of handling itself on the race track.


The new BMW M235i Green Hell Edition created by the German aftermarket tuning company is geared for the race track. The two-door coupe was outfitted with new aerodynamics at the front and rear to generate downforce and improve airflow. The front axle was outfitted with a new splitter while the rear wears a large spoiler wing to put more pressure on the forged COR Wheels and their tires to achieve more grip.


The exterior was further modified with a new set of lightweight 19-inch forged COR Wheels with a mesh design and larger width than the stock rim and tire setup. The 19-inch wheels can be outfitted with racing slicks or high performance tires that are designed for the rain. A new KW coilover suspension can also be installed and allows for a wide range of damping and rebound settings.


The 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine underneath the hood of the BMW M235i Green Hell Edition can be tuned with new software upgrades, exhaust modifications, and even air intakes to allow for more power to be sent to each of the rear COR Wheels.


Inside, much of the factory components were removed to save weight. The rug, door panels, and even rear seats were removed and reduce weight as a result. A full roll cage was welded for protection and a fire extinguisher was placed between the two front racing seats. Even the door panels were stripped and replaced with lightweight carbon fiber panels to cut weight even further and improve the overall performance of the BMW M235i. 

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