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Review | 31.01.2014 - 07:41

A review of the new Ford Fusion

The four seat sedan has changed a lot in the past year, the best example is with the Ford fusion.

The four seat sedan has changed a lot in the past year, the best example is with the Ford fusion. This car is quite attractive and how often can you find an attractive mid sized sedan? A car that is quite similar to the fusion is the Mazda 6 which is also one of the most beautiful vehicles not just in the mid sized sedan segment but especially when you compare it to other vehicles of its class.


   The modern fusion comes in with a lot of changes and this model is setting the world on fire. This new model is obviously a success because it is the third best selling mid sized sedan and the fourth best selling passenger car in America with over 270.000 units sold annually.


   Ford has really stepped up its game with what it has under the hood. The base engine is a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with 170 horse power and 140 pound feet of torque it can achieve 22 miles to the gallon in the city and 34 in the highway. The 1.6 liter Eco boost is clearly the engine of choice for fuel economy minded consumers. If you think that the fusion comes in with a V6, forget about it, Ford has done away with it because only 15% of consumers took that as an option.


   Under the hood you can find a wonderful engine, it is a two liter, four cylinder Eco boost engine that gets 170 h.p. and 140 feet of torque, all while achieving 22 miles to the gallon in the city. There is standard transmission on all three engine options, the engine comes in with a six speed automated  transmission, if you want a manual you should also know that it is only available for the 1.6 liter Eco boost.


   Ford has really stretched the limits of what it is doing with the sheet of metal on the Fusion. This car simply looks a lot more expensive than it is, it also looks quite longer than it actually is. One of the design elements that Ford incorporated into the Fusion is adding a very sloped roof line. The head room in the back is a little bit compromised but if you look at the end result you simply cannot ignore the beauty of this car.


   One of the reasons for why the fusion looks so good is because Ford drew some design elements from the Mondeo which is a European mid sized sedan. The car is very aerodynamic and the interior of the care is quite flamboyant. The instrument panel on board is one of the nicest in the industry as you have a beautiful 8 inch navigation screen, you also have great touch controls. The system comes in with the Sony my-touch which is one of the best systems in the industry and it also comes with Microsoft sync.


   You only have a analog speedometer but everything else is filled with LCD screens, this car looks futuristic and it is just beautiful and you really feel like you are driving a much more expensive car than its 30.000$ price tag. This car is clearly the best American mid sized sedan that you can buy it because it is definitely one of the top three or four mid sized sedans that are available on the market today. 


Author Bio: Chris started installing and repairing car audio systems as the hobby which grew into a career. He has immense experience as a technician of various car audio systems and he continues to pursue a higher level of knowledge for audio. He is also an expert in car stereo, head set monitors, video systems, backup cameras and subwoofers. He also enjoys writing about various audio systems, configurations, installation techniques for varieties of websites and blogs, Tca ca raudio is one of them.

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