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Review | 25.11.2012 - 20:36

Citroen Presented New DS3 Cabrio Concept

Paris Auto Show in September 2012 was marked by Citroen DS3 Cabrio. This car is featured by amazing performance and innovative design. People who drive this car say that this is the best cabriolet ever made by Citroen.
DS3 Cabrio
Many people are dreaming about car like DS3 Cabrio and just some of them will drive it!

Before this car is released there was rumors that it would be called DS3 Airflow, but French company Citroen decides for simple name DS3 Cabrio. I heard that future Citroen Cabrio series would be similar to this hatchback version, but expect a soft top that takes more than 16 seconds to open or close. It can be operated at speed up to 100 km/h. If you saw Fiat 500C model, you know what I mean, when the top is down edges and side windows remain in same place. Thanks to 5 –seater this model offers the largest boot.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio if powered by ten diesel and petrol engines and power ranging with incredible 204 HP MAX! If this is too much for you, and you don't want work only for fuel, Citroen offers eco- version with 99g/km of CO2. Performance of this model will very because of extra weight that is provided by convertible setup, but anyway would you buy this car because of performance? I don't think either. In Europe, this car would be available in the first part of 2013 in three versions; Racing, Ultra Prestige and Just Mat!

Interior and Exterior

DS3 Cabrio design is almost same as standard DS3 model with some changes such as; 3.95 m long, 1.71 m wide and 1.46 m high. This car has very innovative design with original colors, and besides that Cabrio version has 3D LED lights in the rear, and chrome handle that give a very attractive look to the whole car. In 2013, when this car will be available customers will have an option to choose three colors; Black, Infini Blue and DS Monogramme. Besides these colors there would be combinations of six decors for air vent, dashboard insert and gear stick handle. Carbotech, Infini Blue, Grey, Brilliant Black, White and Moondust will additionally garnish this beauty.

Customers will have the option of choosing between three roof colors: Black, Infini Blue, and DS Monogramme. These colors will be combined with six decors for the dashboard insert; air vent surrounds, and gear stick handle: Grey, Brilliant Black, White, Carbotech, Infini Blue, and Moondust Grey.

In the car, you will have many digital option's thanks to ceiling mounted console. Home to the roof opening control, many features with LED ambience lighting, automatic air conditioning displays, and many other digital controls. Seats are very comfortable and very suitable for long rides.


DS3 Cabrio keeps the same ten diesel and petrol engines from standard DS3 model with incredible power ranging from 90 to 205 HP. I already mention that extra weight cause lower performance of this car, but it's not important because who is looking for car like this wouldn't mind if it's not speed races! This car will be available from Februar 2013 and Citroen promises that DSC Cabrio eco model will be available from the beginning with just 99k/km of CO2.

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