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Review | 23.01.2014 - 19:38

When A Man Travels- 6 Of His Manly-Bare Necessities

Talks about the needs of a man when he travels.

When a man goes on a vacation, whether it is for a day or a week, there are essential items that you will find in his suitcase. Many of the items are toiletries that he uses to keep his beard and mustache shaved or so that he smells good when going out on the town.



Although this is an item that might seem necessary, some men don't think about the kind of clothing they need. When going on vacation, you need to think about where you are going and the climate in the area. Don't pack shorts when there will be snow on the ground or jeans when it is supposed to be 100 degrees.


Shaving Cream

Unless you plan on shaving with only water, you need to pack some type of cream. You can get a travel size that will easily fit in a pocket in the suitcase. A travel shaving brush can be used so that you can tame the mustache or beard before shaving.



You probably won't spend all of your time in the hotel room. When you go out with the family for dinner or to an attraction, you might want to smell like something other than the chlorine from the swimming pool. Find a few different kinds in small bottles so that you have a change while you are on vacation.



You need to pack a variety of shoes so that your feet will be comfortable while you are walking on the sidewalk, along the beach or up a mountain. Take shoes that are for the environment so that you don't have to buy anything when you arrive.



Vacation is a time when you can let loose a little on shaving. Pack a travel razor so that you can still trim the facial hair, but you don't need to pack the entire shaving set you have at home.


Duct Tape

This might seem strange, but it is a versatile item that you shouldn't leave home without. You can use duct tape for hemming a pair of pants that might get snagged on a rock, plug an air leak in a float or repair luggage and shoes. Make a travel roll of duct tape by wrapping the tape around a pencil or plastic container.


If you are not sure of what to pack while going on vacation, you can always pack the essentials you use at home. Pack lightly so that you don't take up a lot of space with unneeded items. Use travel sizes in shampoo and shaving cream when you can, and make sure you have a mix of clothing and shoes if you are not sure of the weather conditions in the area.

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