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Car tips & advice | 17.01.2014 - 19:55

How Is Your Car Handling The Cold Weather? 5 Warning Signs To Be Aware Of

This article talks about cars in cold weather and how to maintain them in the winter.

Many people know that driving becomes more dangerous during the cold months. You have to deal with slippery roads and ice, and your car might fog up more often than it did over the summer. However, what are five major signs that your car just is not handling these changes well?


Low Tire Pressure

When the temperatures dip down for the first time, some cars will lose pressure in their tires. Unfortunately, this problem is difficult to prevent by yourself, but it must be monitored. If you are constantly having to refill your tire, the time has come to go to the mechanic or the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. A new tire may be in order.


Trouble Starting

In the winter months, most people do warm their cars up at least a little bit, so you shouldn't be alarmed by sitting there for a couple of minutes before you head out. However, if your car is giving you a lot of trouble with turning over or it stops the minute you pull away from the curb, then this may be a sign that more serious trouble is on its way.


Transmission Issues

You always need to be aware of how your transmission is functioning. Listen for any unusual sounds, and if you hear them, take the car to a National Transmission specialist. A new transmission in Calgary might be what your car is needing.


Frozen Windshield Wipers

Just as with any type of water, the water used to clean your car can freeze. The wipers could get stuck to the windshield, and this is very dangerous if you need to use them. Furthermore, the wipes could get stuck in either the down or up position because of temperatures that dipped low overnight.


Other Icy Situations

Ultimately, almost any part of your car can freeze. Mechanical elements inside of the engine can freeze up, oil can start to freeze and you might even be frozen out of your car. Speaking with your mechanic or dealership about maintenance tips specific to your vehicle is a smart idea. Don't wait until next winter; find out how you can salvage the rest of the season.


Car troubles are aggravating for everyone because they likely mean you'll have to spend a decent amount of money on repairs. By watching out for these problems, you can save time and money in the end.

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